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Spy Game The Favorite Slot Online

Spy Game The Favorite Slot Online

Spy Game is an online casino experience that allows users to become a super spy while playing their favorite slot games. Throughout gameplay, players will have the ability to engage in missions. Players are also asked to assist in keeping the world safe from terrorist threats.

Spy Game offers users one of the most interactive slot experience on the web. The game has a James Bond theme. There is a five reel video, with fifteen pay lines. These functions make it enjoyable for users to move through the different levels. As well as moving through levels, there is a storyline that was designed specifically for the website.

There is a map that can be used to help keep track of any progress that is made. There are a number of unique features offered to players such as spins that are free, multipliers after a win, and different icons that have certain actions.

The highest amount of money that can be waged is seventy five dollars. There are five coins that can be used of one dollar. For every payline that a player has the highest number of coins that can be used is seventy five. If it is desired by the user, the bets can be at a lower amount.

This will cause the number of pay lines, coin value, and coins. The highest jackpot possible for Spy Game is four thousand coins, which is equal to four thousand dollars. The jackpot is won when there are a line of five symbols that include a woman in a red bikini, if they are all from the same payline.

Another symbol that players hope to receive is the symbol of the Top Secret dossier. The Top Secret dossier is considered the wild symbol of the Spy Game slots. Having the wild symbol will assist the player is creating a combination that is considered a winning one.

The wild symbol can also be used to substitute other symbols in the game. When this symbol is used during free spins, it gives the user a three times chance multiplier to form a winning combination.

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