Ronin Slot The Based On Samurai Legendary Stories

Ronin Slot is based on the samurai legendary stories on the men who did not fear death, they were known to put honor first. A ronin who did not have a master was not desirable but with time they were accepted by the community.

If you are a person who finds these legendary stories amusing, you should consider playing RTGs Ronin slot game. The game has five reels that give you the opportunity to view traditional items used by the samurai during their escapades. These include flags of the samurai, koku, helmets, and ronins.

It has a Japanese background bringing up the theme of the Japanese ronin environment. The sounds will take you adrift since they make you feel like a samurai ready to go for war.

You can pick a varied number of sums to place; this can go from $0.01 to $5 per coin. Thus, if you play on the maximum number which is of 20 lines, you will have an array of betting option. The good thing is that you can bet as low as one penny. Then the maximum number of total bets is $100 per single spin.

This comes as a relief since it takes care of both laid back players to high rollers gamers. Any amount can win you a substantial amount of cash. This is because it grows bigger and bigger and is awarded randomly thus there is a chance to win every time the reels stop.

There is a confusing part to the game that many gamers may find hard to understand the number of wild symbols. This is because the wild symbols remain unknown to the player. You might think that the ronin slot does not replace other symbols since it is a scatter symbol but, unfortunately, it does.

It replaces all symbols except the koku. The prices derived from the koku are doubled and it can only be seen on three reels.

The unique features in the game are immense. In the event that you should receive three kokus and two ronins these will help boost your balance because there are features that the combination can trigger. Like three to 10 re spin. If you get two ronins you stand a chance of getting 3 to 10 re spins.

This slot is ideal since it is not all money, but it is a surge through history about the Japanese culture, their bravery and concepts. Thus, it is important you learn from the game.

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